Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top Five Childhood Toys

1. Tinker Toys: When I was a kid, these were my favorite toys at my grandmother's. I would build elaborate buildings, make flowers, people, and more. They were awesome.

2. Popples: I dont know why these stuffed toys fascinated me, but I had about four. My favorite was a purple one. They were just cute little creatures that you could flip and roll into a ball.

3. Roller Racer: By far one of my favorite outdoor toys. Sure it was basically a plastic seat a few inches from the ground and a set of handlebars that you swiveled from side to side, but I loved mine. In fact, I think went through like two before I got too tall to play with it. They're just not made for 6 ft tall girls or even 5'7 girls.

4. Hall of Justice: My superhero fangirlyness started at a young age with my Hall of Justice playset and figures. My favorite figure was Wonder Woman who, when you squeezed her legs, her arms flew up to block bullets. Although the Joker was pretty cool with his mallet that came down and Hawkman's wings did make him fly. I wonder if my mother still has all of those figures tucked away in a box somewhere.

5. Lite Brite: Great little toy. I wonder if they stil make them?

Do you have any favorites?

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