Friday, October 17, 2008

Macgyver on an island...

Crusoe aired tonight and I thought I would give it a chance, though I thought it was a tv movie instead of the pilot for a new 13 episode show. The original story by Daniel Defoe was published in 1719 and it has always held a bit of interest for me. Pretty much has been since I watched Swiss Family Robinson as a kid and realized it was loosely based of Defoe’s novel. The new show is also very loosely based on the novel as well. Obviously keeping Crusoe on an island for 28 years is going to be a bit depressing and making it Cast Away also doesn’t really work as a series. Changes and all I thought I would give it a go. Besides, any chance for me to see Sean Bean even for a second, is worth it. (I adore Sean Bean)

So, how was it? Okay. Clearly NBC is banking on a bit of the Pirates of the Caribbean craze which is fine by me. I like pirates. They make me smile. There are some big changes that have been made. Other than being shipwrecked, having Friday as his companion and being on an island they’ve definitely made it their own.

Crusoe is now quite easy on the eyes and Philip Winchester can be shirtless whenever he wants as far as I am concerned. No bearded survivalist here and his clothes have remained remarkably intact despite being on the island at least a few years. Our shipwrecked hottie is also apparently Macgyver on an island (you should see his jungle pad of awesome) which is also fine by me. I loved Macgyver and was all about the mullet love. Fun gadgets, booby traps, and an impressive tree house make me happy. But the man puts Gilligan’s professor to shame. Seriously. There is romance now (told through flashbacks) and Friday and Crusoe are going to be playing up the buddy buddy thing. Speaking of Friday. I really like him. Tongayi Chirisa makes Friday Crusoe’s equal and their friendship is believable.

Next week looks like a little bit Indiana Jones-esque with a long lost tomb. And somehow I think Sam Neil’s uncle figure may make take a Mondego turn with the possibility he may have some un-uncle like designs on Crusoe’s wife. Not that Crusoe would go the Edmund Dantes route and have revenge be his sole focus when he returns to the mainland, if he ever does. It also looks like Alias’s Mia Maestro will be playing someone on the show as well so mainland intrigue may be plentiful. The first episode had pirates, even a lovely pirate wench and the action was fun. There was humour, swordfights, snarkiness, a cute puppy and the aforementioned Sean Bean for 12 seconds. How on earth they are going to keep it going and interesting for 13 episodes, I am still not sure but I might try it again next week especially if Crusoe is shirtless again.

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